2022 Chili Meme-Off Contest

Official Entry and Voting Rules

Making chili is completely optional; creating a chili meme is where it’s at this year. 

To Enter:

  • Be funny, be creative, be serious, be weird…just be sure to make a meme about chili
  • Submit your memes here using the drop down menu
  • You can make chili if you want to
  • Entries accepted now through March 28th

To Vote:

  • Make a donation of $5 or more (please choose “principal fund” under program option) https://cityptsa.com/donate/
  • Choose your favorite meme(s)
  • Voting will occur now - March 31st
  • You can vote twice each day (for as many as you want)
  • Winners will be recognized as Meme Experts (and get some City Swag)

All donations support the principal's fund and the counseling office.