The City PTSA Board

President: Angela Schmidt [email protected]

Vice President 1: Gaelle Thibault [email protected]

Vice President 2: Ardina Washington [email protected]

Vice President 3: Beth Buskard [email protected]

Treasurer: Carol Carr [email protected]

Secretary: Paula Foley secre[email protected]


PTSA Roles

Membership Chair: Beth Buskard
The membership chair organizes our membership drive at the beginning of the school year as well as accepting memberships for the MI PTSA throughout the remainder of the year.

6th grade Coordinator: TBD
The 6th grade coordinator helps to integrate the Blandford, Zoo, and Economicology PTSA groups with City’s PTSA.

Web Manager: Ken Aernouts
[email protected]


Mailing Address

1720 Plainfield Avenue NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505


Contact the PTSA