Senior All Night Party Can Drive

Remember to drop off your returnables at the CHMS parking lot this Thursday and Friday from 3-6 pm or Saturday morning before noon. This is a fundraiser for the Class of 2021 Senior All Night Party. Even though we're not in school right now, we're super hopeful and planning as if!  Thanks for your support.

GRPS Response to Learning Considerations

The GRPS communications office has submitted a response to the questions that were raised by the City community regarding the hybrid and virtual models. The New Frequently Asked Questions document lists each of City's questions with district answers. In addition to receiving this information Friday morning, we have also urged GRPS to...

It’s Not Too Late to Join the PTSA

Our Membership Drive was a huge success thanks to our generous community! The official event is over and the limited edition swag is gone, but you can still join the City PTSA for the 2020-2021 school year. Adults may join for $10 and students for $6. A small portion of your payment is used to pay state PTA dues, the rest is a donation to...

Additional Learning Considerations

Additional feedback continues to be shared with the PTSA, including the following links to, and review of, previously published District Plans; all has been added below. You are encouraged to (re)read the following links prior to/with the release of both learning models (hybrid and virtual) and keep for reference.  Extended Plan The Plan...

Make Your Voice Heard

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson assures Michigan voters they can vote safely in the presidential election, Nov. 3. Make your voice heard at the local, state and national levels. Here is the information you need to know to be ready to vote. Know your rights Registration: Michiganders can register to vote up to and on Election Day until 8...

Ready to Vote?

Will your voice be heard at the local, state and national levels? Make a plan to vote in the Nov. 3 election.


SANP Can Drive

Please save your returnable cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles (sorted if possible). Drop off Oct. 22 & 23. Location TBD (probably City High parking lot).

October PTSA Meeting

Dr. Ron Gorman will be available to answer questions at our next meeting.
Join us October 21 @ 7:00 PM.


Shop at Amazon Smile

Shopping at means 0.5% of your purchases will support City PTSA. It’s easy to join!


Box Tops for Education

It’s easier than ever to help our school. No more clipping. Get the app and scan your grocery receipt.


Distance Learning Overview

Mr. Huppert’s welcome includes everything you need to know to successfully navigate distance learning.