Rain Garden Project Fundraiser

Fundraiser for a new rain garden project at City High/Middle by Eliza Bott!

My name is Eliza Bott. This year I have been working on my Personal Project. This is a project created during your sophomore year. You create a learning goal and product goal, and by the end of the year your goal is to complete these goals. I decided this year to install a rain garden on the property of my school. This rain garden will serve in several ways to combat the Climate Crisis. Rain gardens diminish the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and improve ecosystems. The native plants in the rain gardens absorb carbon emissions. Their roots also absorb runoff, specifically from roofs, parking lots, and roads. As the water travels across these surfaces, it gathers many toxins that would flow into the storm drains and eventually into the Grand River. The more runoff that flows into the Grand River, the more harm it does. If too much water enters the Grand River, it floods. The velocity and volume of the water create erosion which is devastating to ecosystems. The plants in the gardens clean the water by absorbing the toxins. As the plants absorb the water, the velocity and volume diminish, reducing erosion, further helping solve our climate crisis. In order to install this rain garden I need funding. I am requesting your help in installing this rain garden. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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