We truly missed the opportunity to say hello in person this year but the City PTSA is still here to support you. We are again offering every teacher a $100 stipend to use toward materials that would enhance the teaching and learning experience. Please use the google form link attached here to read more about the process. https://forms.gle/EfeWehzUtfvQjdKt6 

It is also helpful if you email PTSA Treasurer, Carol Carr ([email protected]) when you fill out that form. We had a few glitches with the form last year, and the email will alert us to look for your request. We have set aside a large “teacher opportunity” fund this year as we know there are changing and growing needs in this strange new world, combined with shrinking district budgets. We hope to be able to support you and your emerging budget needs throughout the year! This fund will be for any needs above that $100 allocation. Application request forms will be coming your way soon.

We are also pleased to announce that our neighborhood branch of Lake Michigan Credit Union is offering City High Middle School teachers a $15 Amazon gift card! The deadline to request this gift has been graciously extended to Friday, September 4. Please take advantage of this generous offer by LMCU! You must click the link to receive it (they only require your email and name). https://forms.gle/KfH18dm9NHB3gmKJ9

The PTSA is facing a budget shortfall this year due to the inability to host our usual fundraisers so we will be launching a Membership Drive (virtual fundraiser) in September. We could use your help promoting the PTSA. We are looking for endorsements from teachers (or your students) who have benefited in some way from the PTSA. Think of us as NPR during their Fall Fundraiser and pretend that you’re Alec Baldwin making a pitch for us then record a brief audio clip, video or write up a short paragraph and send  with a photo to [email protected] no later than September 9th. We know you’re busy, but if you can help us engage our community and tell them why the PTSA is important, we might be able to put a dent in the $18,000 revenue loss we’re facing this year.

Once we launch the Membership Drive, we hope that you, too will consider joining the PTSA. Becoming a member does not commit you to coming to PTSA meetings but it gives you an opportunity to join our conversations. Membership also allows you to cast a vote on proposals that may directly impact you. 

If you have any questions regarding the above, reach out to us.

Thanks for all you do (and congrats on an amazing week 1 of distance learning!),

Angela Schmidt, [email protected]

Carol Carr, [email protected]