Dear PTA Leaders,

National PTA has issued an Action Alert:

Take Action: Tell Congress to Support Sensible Solutions to Gun Violence and Gun Violence Prevention by using the link below.

When this school year began, many families focused on readjusting to a new normal. Ensuring that our students and teachers were healthy and ready for the school year ahead. We all were optimistic and up for the challenge! Instead, our students are currently facing weekly threats due to gun violence and active school shootings.

National PTA recognizes the recent school shootings and events due to gun violence. No parent should have to fear for the safety of their child once they leave home. Unfortunately, lives are continuously being lost or changed forever due to a lack of gun violence prevention laws. PTA calls on Congress and the Administration to immediately address the many factors that contribute to the rampant gun violence in the United States.

Contact your Representative and Senator today to insist that our country needs sensible solutions to gun violence and gun violence prevention.

National PTA has also issued a statement:

Our association stands with the families, students, teachers and staff at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. We urge everyone to amplify their voice with your federal representatives on community safety and youth violence prevention.

For those in need of mental health support during this time, free resources are available at