Dear City Families:

The City PTSA would like to remind you that the short questionnaire about your preferences for Marking Period 2, starting Oct. 19, should be submitted today, September 28. You will find the relevant email link in your student’s school email. The question is basically, do you think you would prefer online only or hybrid (in person two days , cohort A Monday and Tuesday, cohort B Thursday and Friday) with remote learning on Wednesday) for your student? You should do a questionnaire for each of your GRPS students from their individual emails. Consider going with your gut for the moment, since the district responded to the volume of parent concerns by changing it from a “commitment” to a “preference” and since we have incomplete info of how these approaches would work with IB. 

If you haven’t read some of the good discussions and points on the (unofficial) City High Middle Village Facebook page, give that a look. After the district has a chance to see how all GRPS families have weighed in, let’s be prepared to advocate for IB’s particular community. 

The City PTSA is gathering info now and we’ll keep in touch with City parents concerning advocacy efforts.

City PTSA Excutive Board