Dear Senior Families,

This has been a tough year for our graduates – in ways we could not have anticipated with the onset of COVID-19. There are lingering questions about end of year celebrations such as graduation and the PTSA’s Senior All Night Party; as of this time, those events are on hold. The district and City admin are looking at alternative ways to recognize the Class of 2020 while maintaining safety for all.

As for the All Night Party, a dedicated group of 2020 (and some 2021) parents have worked extremely hard to fundraise and plan what we hoped would be a great capstone event. It is extremely likely this event will not take place as planned on May 28, per state and district guidelines.

Rescheduling is not just as simple as changing the date, as the event involves multiple vendors, our (still secret) venue and is subject to health and safety recommendations surrounding COVID-19.

It’s difficult to plan alternatives while the “Stay at Home” order is still in effect, not knowing how or when restrictions will be lifted; but it’s not too early to discuss options that may be possible (nothing is written in stone right now). Alternatives include, but are not limited to

•Rescheduling the event as close as possible to its current form for late summer.
{Current venue cannot accommodate us in August.}
{Seniors are tentatively planning a “senior soiree” late June-mid August.}
•Offer to contribute to the “senior soiree” if they need funds.
•Divide the current funds between every senior and write checks to them.

-PTSA was hoping to do an alumni event during homecoming next school year and we could be sure to have special recognition of 2020 grads (this has nothing to do with the SANP funds raised this year).

Some important things to keep in mind while trying to offer a substitute are:

  1. Use of funds other than the original intended purpose will require the approval of the PTSA Executive Board.
  2. It has to be something that will appeal to as many seniors as possible
    (rescheduling a costly party that only half the kids would or could attend is not a fair or equitable use of the funds).

Once the next school year begins and our seniors become college freshmen, is it still reasonable to hold a SANP format with chaperones and rules as many kids will have started living on their own?

All this is to say, there are still a lot of unknowns – but we are willing to get some input from you (especially from those that spent so much time on the committee, planning, at meetings and fundraising). We’d like you to answer the following survey and feel free to get input from your graduate!

Also, feel free to join us at the next PTSA meeting, via Zoom, on April 29 at 7pm, using the following link:

(Password to join the meeting is CityPTSA)

Stay well,
Angela Schmidt
CHMS PTSA President
[email protected]