City High-Middle PTSA (PTCC)

6:45 p.m. • Snacks/Socialize

Board Business Meeting • 7 p.m., Wednesday, April 17, 2019

City High Middle School, Media Center, 1720 Plainfield Ave. NE


  1. Call to order and welcome. Attendees: Angela Schmidt (ran the meeting), Paula Foley, Holly Downer, Stephanie Sackett, Beth Buskard, Julie Wilbourn, Colleen O’Rourke, Tara Kaley, Peter Bradley , JD Lancaster, Ella Carr, Gaelle Thibault, Ms. Lovell, Mr Huppert
  2. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes – approved
  3. Approval of Current Agenda (additions, changes) – approved, no changes
  4. Reports and Updates from Administrators – Mr Huppert, principal
    1. Experiment conducted by Mr Huppert: Will the fan-blown art paper keep motion sensors activated for constant light during our library meeting? Original conditions: yes. Variable: when paper was shortened to reduce environmental noise experiment failed. (this documentation is “just kidding around” though we really did do this 🙂
    2. Wege Speaker last week: climate justice; dancing, event was well-done and well-received by students.
    3. Earth Week Friday is service learning out of the building and team-building activities (fun stuff)
    4. Seniors Friday is GRPS Senior Field Day at 3 Mile Project fun stuff “Grad Vibes Only” tshirt created by City kid Kenny looks great and is a nice contribution.
    5. Testing – SAT results for Juniors expected to be good – they took it very seriously. Thanks to PTSA for celebration cupcakes.
    6. Angelina Colletti new counselor 6, 7, 8th grades starts tomorrow!
    7. Christina Eisinga moved on to another good opportunity from our Attendance Office – we’ll miss her.
    8. New IB Coordinator: coming over from Ottawa. background: “Resources and the Environment” Masters degree, sustainability, aligns well with Economicology, speaks Spanish, good with next gen science standards, ESL experience. Will start in Fall if not sooner. Has already begun working with Mr Huppert and Ms Vandervliet on IB program.
    9. Schreur and Donahue will finally move in to new hallway upgrade and rooms from the upper gym
  5. Funding Requests
    1. Teacher stipends – review, 2 over, plus Hillman – Mr Huppert will remind everyone to use their $100 stipend. Board recommends funding all who have applied so far, even if going over a tad because we don’t usually have full participation for the $4000 set aside. Can’t guarantee we can always go over the $100 in future years if we get full participation of 40 teachers.
    2. Ms. Lovell (attended) and Mr Tu  Friday the 24th 9th grade big physics project at MI Adventure (big part of their exam grade), $24/student – expects a few of the 162 students will need full scholarship, and some ½ scholarship. Appreciate “anything you can do to help these students out”  but no specific request- submitted by email. About $1000 requested. Gaelle motioned, Beth seconded, all approved. Gaelle will translate the permission slip and email for Spanish-speakers. Ms Lovell will work with Paula and Holly to get a check to bring to Mi Adv.
    3. Use budgeted $800 for enviro science projects – Mr Rizley will buy probes and various equipment this year, and get signs (voted$800 yes already) next year. Approved.
    4. Add budget item for next year for 10th grade personal project celebration – a new tradition?  estimate $200ish and ask 10th grade parents to contribute to reduce costs. Yes, we’ll add to budget.
    5. JD Lancaster/11th grade prom cmte – funding request towards photo booth $300 requested same booth operator, but he may be unavailable. JD will ask Dan Terpstra. Stephanie proposed, Paula seconded, approved by members.
  6. Committee and Event Reports
    1. Dale Hovenkamp Scholarship launch! Apply online by May 7 (simplified process due to later start). Demonstrate commitment to service, how it’s helped your education, senior, 3.0 gpa, service activities. Gaelle has an idea for a helper to evaluate. May 23 Senior Recognition Award. Contact Stephanie Sackett with questions, [email protected]
    2. PALs – Gaelle Thibault and Lori Box. Coffee with Principal light attendance due to less promo than usual (busy time), but good discussion about new counselor and IB coordinator
    3. Senior Grad Committee – update and Flower Sale! some online sales already. 50% profit. Runs till Friday, may extend to monday.
      1. Many kids are saying they’re not attending the overnight (not sure why); nice donations coming in; Admin contacted 40 kids who hadn’t responded yet; 3 kids will need full scholarship, 8 maybe need partials. Funding Request: Asking $1100 for them. End of May to pay this if needed. Approx $12.5K now plus flower sales, , $16K aiming for; Holly thinks they are $800 away from goal. Board and members are comfortable helping with paying for kids who need assistance, probably $1100; deadline April 30 for the Student Agreement – the students can change their mind till then on go or not go.
      2. Treasurer proposed PTSA pledge to fund family pmts for Sr Grad for May 1 (based on need) with max $1500 as of today (further can be discussed if needed), with payments received later from students/families to be returned to PTSA.
      3. Ornaments 187 quantity left at cost $2.63 each still on offer. Do we want? $500. Suggested they try selling at New Family Picnic and maybe Ms Anderson as 8th grade. Colleen O’Rourke will keep these ornaments at her house to sell for Class of 2021 (her daughter’s class; not donating to Class of 2020). Members good with that.
    4. Band – Store on PTSA site, mandatory marching band camp for incoming 9th-12th
    5. Spirit/Community-Building – new date set for New Family Night? TBD
    6. 6th grades – ZOO AUCTION TOMORROW; Cans still being accepted for CFE.
    7. City Auction update – great attendance, great earnings (still figuring), Mr Huppert said he really liked the community feeling and everyone loved the student art and music offerings! Notecards still for sale. Art and Music Depts teachers earned about $450 each for participating.
    8. Candy bar sales for 8th grade coming up
  7. Regular Agenda Items:
    1. Executive Board updates
      1. Treasurer’s Report – updates
        1. $40,840.38 income YTD, $31,848.02 spent, with Hovenkamp, teacher stipends, new family picnic, auction sales tax still to pay with our $8900 surplus.
    2. Questions and comments from membership – none
  8. Adjournment 8:17pm