Our Membership Drive was a huge success thanks to our generous community! The official event is over and the limited edition swag is gone, but you can still join the City PTSA for the 2020-2021 school year. Adults may join for $10 and students for $6. A small portion of your payment is used to pay state PTA dues, the rest is a donation to the PTSA (leave us a note if you’d like it to go to a specific area). Come to our next meeting to hear the final numbers and please take this survey to give us an idea of your PTSA interests and expectations. 

A PTSA membership allows you to vote on proposals, in committees, or during Executive Board elections. We encourage students to join us. We cannot advocate for students without hearing their voices! Membership gives you a voice in our community and a chance to see measurable results. Help us by committing to a donation and inviting family and friends to do the same.

See Us in Action to watch how the City PTSA has impacted our community.