In order to make more informed decisions about the available learning options – or understand what these models will look like in practice – these questions and comments have been collected from GRPS/CHMS students, parents, and teachers. City Admin will have more specific information to share, hopefully by Friday, October 9, that may answer some of these questions; more information may need to be provided by GRPS. This is in no way meant to represent any one person, group or preference of models. 

With the recent MI Supreme Court ruling, how will GRPS follow recommendations for PPE, testing, quarantine, cleaning and distancing during Hybrid Learning? *Letter from Dr. Roby on 10/06 states, “that all protocols remain in place until further notice.”  

Mask Protocol

  • Who is responsible for enforcing this with both staff and students? 
  • What happens with non compliance? 
  • Can we do away with uniform requirements/enforcement (at the very least during hybrid in person)? 

Safe Entry/Health Screening Protocol

  • Will staff and students be required to take a daily health/symptom self-assessment – online or at the door?
  • How do we know the difference between a sniffle or cough and COVID?

COVID Testing Protocol

  • Should staff or students stay home for a cough, cold/flu symptoms out of caution?
  • Will testing be required if the above symptoms are present?
  • Is testing required to go through the Health Department for tracking and contact tracing purposes?

Quarantine Protocol

  • There is concern of having to pivot twice – or multiple times – (from virtual to hybrid then back to virtual) should individual cases or an outbreak occur (as it did at Franklin Campus where adults can more easily follow PPE protocol; as it did at Lowell). 
  • What is the protocol if one or more teachers become ill?
  • Will teachers be able to teach from home if they have to quarantine and how would that impact students in hybrid learning? Will subs be available?
  • What is the protocol if one or more students become ill?
  • What conditions would require a building closure?
  • How would potential quarantine/isolation/building closure impact the IB program at City?
  • Is it potentially possible that in person learners would have to switch back and forth between hybrid and virtual every time there are positive cases?

Cleaning Protocol

  • What’s the difference between deep cleaning and regular, daily cleaning?
  • Is deep cleaning to be done by regular GRPS custodial staff, the contract company or a specialty service?
  • Deep cleaning is currently scheduled for Wednesdays, between cohorts. 
  • What about weekend cleaning – is that “deep” as well?
  • What about the rest of the days and between class periods?
  • Will teachers or custodial staff be required to clean between classes?
  • If teachers are required to clean between classes, who is going to watch students in the hallway for social distancing?
  • Is additional staff required to meet the above cleaning guidelines?
  • Have all staff been trained/have protocols for in between class times and additional “deep” clean?

Distancing Protocol

  • How will breakfast work? When kids come early to eat – who will facilitate?
  • Who will monitor kids for safe distance during lunch? (Teachers are supposed to be duty free.)
  • How many students will be allowed per classroom?
  • Will there be assigned hall monitors during passing time and dismissal to help students maintain distancing?

Instructional Overview

  • Will students’ hybrid or virtual choice have any impact on what teacher they have?
  • How will the hybrid in person model look different than pre-COVID in person learning?
  • absent of small group work?
  • For the hybrid model, will there by no sharing of any materials such as handouts and nothing to turn in (in essence, keeping the virtual learning program in place while at school)?
  • Will hybrid students have to change teachers or is there a possibility they will be taught remotely (example: being in person but the teacher is teaching from home, on screen)
  • Will there be an extra person available to monitor the classroom if the teacher is not present?
  • Will each model offer the same amount of instructional time? (Hybrid x 2 six hour days = 12 hours?)
  • Will the 4 hour screen limit be observed? (Virtual x 4 four hour days = 16 hours?)
  • Will virtual have to drop to three days to make it equal time to in person?
  • How will the October 27 SAT be administered to seniors who have chosen virtual learning?

GPA, IB and DP Questions

  • Will students’ hybrid or virtual choice have any impact on GPA?
  • Will all DP classes still be weighted no matter how they are being offered?
  • Will students’ hybrid or virtual choice have any impact on finishing the DP for the Class of 2021?
  • Will the IB org make any testing accommodations for the Class of 2021 as they did for the Class of 2020?


  • Were teachers given the same preference survey?
  • Will the results be published for parents to see? 
  • Will their preferences be honored?
  • If an IB certified teacher becomes ill and needs to be replaced, who can do it – especially for DP, where there is only one DP teacher for some subjects to begin with? 
  • Is their position safe (assuming they would have to go on FMLA for illness)? 
  • Are all the teachers at CIty IB Certified?
  • Are there available subs who are IB certified or that can replace a DP teacher?

Non Instructional Time at School

  • Will there still be meal pick up at school?
  • How will distancing be handled if students are doing the pick up at dismissal?
  • Will clubs, after school activities, and workzone now be allowed? How will those by monitored?


  • Are high school kids that rely on public transportation still going to have to take public transportation or will a new bussing system come into play?
  • Will middle school kids have multiple busses available to keep space between passengers?
  • Will there be an extra DEAN or GRPS staff on each bus to assist with distancing and PPE protocol?


  • What will the impact on gaps – racial, socio economic, academic achievement/student performance – for both continued virtual learning or hybrid in person learning be?
  • Are we widening the gap between students or closing it?
  • Can the preference survey responses and NON responses be sorted by the above to see? 

COVID Numbers

  • What are the accurate COVID numbers in our district and surrounding districts? 
  • Several people have personally heard of cases in neighboring districts from parents and teachers in those areas but have not necessarily seen them reported in the news or by GRPS. 
  • A City parent provided a website that’s tracking education related outbreaks, but a school only shows up on the list if there is an active case, not if the cases have been resolved. 


  • Are you going to publish each school’s preference survey results?
  • Are the results at City reflective of the district as a whole?
  • Why do the commitment forms have to be sent to the student emails?
  • Is a 65% return rate better than sending it directly to parents? 

Is it really ethical (or legal) to send a decision making form to kids who will fill it out themselves without parental consent? 

*GRPS will send the final commitment forms on October 9, which must be completed by October 19 (you do not need to complete this form if you are not changing your previous selection). Hybrid in person learning is scheduled to begin on October 26. Please continue to ask GRPS and/or CHMS Admin additional questions.

GRPS Contacts: 

Leadriane Roby, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools at 616-819-2193 or [email protected]

Larry Johnson, Assistant Superintendent, Chief of Staff, and Executive Director of Public Safety & School Security at 616-819-2100 or [email protected]

Ronald Gorman, Ph. D., Deputy Superintendent at [email protected]

GRPS Communications Office at 616-819-2149 or [email protected]

John Helmholdt, GRPS Executive Director of Communications & External Affairs at 616-819-3740 or [email protected]

GRPS Board of Education 

Kristian Grant, President at [email protected]


*The next City PTSA meeting is scheduled for October 21, with Dr. Gorman planning to attend. Please note this is after your final commitment has been made.

Questions for the PTSA meeting can be submitted via this link:

*Kent County Health Department and Kent Intermediate School District have create a dashboard with school information availablehere.