How to make purchases for a PTSA committee or event

  1. Evaluate  the amount.  Purchases under $200 can be made by committees. Purchases over $200 should have written authorization from the PTSA Treasurer or a member of the PTSA board. Authorization can be sent by email or text message.  Purchases over $1000 require two board signatures.
  2. Let the Treasurer buy it. If possible, plan ahead and send purchase information (such as a link on Amazon) and its purpose to the PTSA Treasurer, so they can make the purchase for you. This is the easiest and most efficient method and should work well for most transactions..
  3. Have documentation. If you make a purchase on behalf of the PTSA, you’ll need  a receipt (if you paid for the item) or an invoice (if you placed an order), the name of  committee making the purchase, and a note about its purpose.

Personal Reimbursements:

Submit your reimbursement request  online here, or place the documentation (see above) in the PTSA mailbox. You can expect reimbursement 2-3 weeks from date of your submission.


Generally speaking you can expect payment within 30 days of your submission to the PTSA mailbox, so submit your invoice as soon as possible. Committee chairs, we recommend  that when your get an invoice, make a copy for your own use and immediately submit the original to PTSA for on-time payment, either by turning in to PTSA mailbox or via email to the treasurer (which is preferred).