Additional feedback continues to be shared with the PTSA, including the following links to, and review of, previously published District Plans; all has been added below. You are encouraged to (re)read the following links prior to/with the release of both learning models (hybrid and virtual) and keep for reference.

 Extended Plan

  • The Plan does not replace the District’s/PSA’s COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan, it is an additional plan that includes new assurances and sections on educational goals, instructional delivery, grading, and equitable access. PA 149 does not apply to districts that operate as a cyber school. (Pg. 1)

  • “The District/PSA will make their ISD/Authorizing Body approved Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan accessible through the transparency reporting link located on the District’s/PSA’s website no later than October 1, 2020.” (Pg 1, #1) ***Has this mandate been fulfilled?***

  • “If delivering pupil instruction virtually, the District/PSA will provide pupils with equitable access to technology and the internet necessary to participate in instruction, and expose each pupil to the academic standards that apply for each pupil’s grade level or courses in the same scope and sequence as the District/PSA had planned for that exposure to occur for in-person.” (pg. 3, #4) ***Will content, standards, scope and sequence be the same in both models?***

  • “If the District/PSA determines that it is safe to provide in-person instruction to pupils, the District/PSA will prioritize providing in-person instruction to pupils in grades K to 5 who are enrolled in the District/PSA.“ (pg. 3, #6) ***Could this idea be applied to City by dividing the population by MYP and DP?***

  • “For marking period two (Phase 4), GRPS will facilitate learning using two different instructional delivery models: a hybrid model and a 100% virtual model. After receiving feedback from our staff and community through surveys and meetings (via Zoom), we believe the delivery models that we have chosen will meet the academic and health needs of our families, students, and staff.” (Pg. 5) ***How can we know for sure without knowing the survey results or the plans?***

  • Will City’s wifi be adequate enough?

  • Will there be air purifiers in each classroom?

Preparedness & Response Plan

Exposure Control Plan

GRPS Coronavirus FAQ