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I’m writing to inform you of a change in our board roles. I am stepping down from my role as president for the final year of my board term. I’ve assumed some additional duties in my professional life, and it’s impacting my ability to contribute to the PTSA as quickly and as thoroughly as I should.

As a board, we discussed this issue, and one of our vice presidents, Angela Schmidt, has graciously offered to take on the role of of president, until our next round of board elections in Spring 2020. This change was approved by the board at our July executive board meeting (as directed in Article XIII, section 2 of our bylaws).
If you’ve spent any time with Angela, you probably just feel as I do: she’ll do a fabulous job. She’s dedicated, thorough, and kind. She cares tremendously for our school, and our kids. When you next see Angela (at our Fall Open House or our September Meeting), please offer your encouragement — and your assistance.
Thank you for your continuing support of the PTSA, of City High-Middle, and of our kids.

Stephan Hokanson